Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Photogallery Time

Just rolled into Gorham. I have completed the whites. They were amazing. I'm back at M&M's. I have uploaded photos. Here they are (click to enlarge, photos by Hot Tang):

Here we all are atop Mt. Cube... a rare group shot.

On top of Mt. Moosilauke. This is the only cloudy weather we had during the whites.

Coming down the steep descent of Moosilauke.

Franconia Ridge

More Franconia

A little siesta on the Webster Cliffs

Mt. Washington is in the Background

Work-for-stay at Lakes of the Clouds Hut. Scrubbing walls. We weren't very effective.

The Summit of Mt. Washington.

The Cog Railroad which goes to the summit.

Oh, and after 3 months, I finally caught up to Freefall.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Logan! :) I am glad you see you are still going strong! I also climbed a few of those mountains this summer (Washington, Webster), and you are making me jealous down here in flat Florida. Enjoy the beautiful hiking coming your way in Maine!


Anonymous said...

The Long Shot,

You need to learn to be a lady and cross your legs while wearing your manskirt. I can totally see your manpanties in that first picture.

Your Spiritual Advisor,
Tony Robbins.

Mike G. said...

My God, that truly is a man's beard.