Sunday, August 31, 2008

Maine: The Final Frontier

So I did it. I hiked from Georgia to Maine. I've satisfied the requirements of my blog's URL. I can go home now, right?

Wrong! I still have some 266 miles to go until I reach Mt. Katahdin. And if the rest of the Maine is anything like the southern part of the state, I'm in for some tough hiking.
It's not, by the way, but these last few days have been taking a toll on my knees. I just crawled my way through Mahoosuc Notch today--the supposed toughest mile on the whole trail. It was strenuous, but it wasn't as horrible as people made it out to be. It was actually quite fun...negotiating huge boulders that required climbing over or crawling under them...a good way to spend a morning.

I'm now sitting at the computer of the Pine Ellis Hostel in Andover, Maine. I met an elderly woman here who told me she fell in love for the first time in Winooski, Vermont. Only on the trail.

Well August is over, and I'm running out of trail. Bittersweet you say? I say, it hasn't hit me yet.


Anonymous said...

Longshot, How totally exciting!!! We are over the moon for you. Can't imagine how it must feel to have entered the last state on the trail. You are in our thoughts and prayers everyday and we subject everyone we know to the tales of the AT trail as told by some of our favorite folks. Be safe and God bless.... JJ&Don

EBB said...

maybe it's just me but I feel like after this, no one will see you for a while.. only to discover you've locked yourself in some swanky hotel room for a week. :)
Way to go though!

Mom said...

Woo hoo! Maine seemed SO far away...And you made it.
Stay safe-we love you!!

dave said...

go man go! the dark chocolate of life is yours for the eating! melted. over strawberries. on a cool fall evening. in front of a fire. under the stars. with cool whip. and peanut butter. and sprinkles.

dustin said...

... and sandwich spread

Mike G. said...

The victory flag is finally in sight on your map! Failing now will only subject you to a never-ending sequence of awkward mocking!

Just be careful with your knees though. Rest 'em when they need it.

Island Uncle said...

Hey, Loganovitch...we have endured frigid temperatures,snakes, bears,shinsplints,craggy rocks, soggy shoes,rocky crags, heatstroke, and more with and thru you, and you have a lifetime of memories to look forward to...way to go from the (former) island crew...Island Uncle